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Is it Buffet?

They have a menu of great kebabs and u can order the kebabs of ur choice

Home Delivery facilities are available?

Yes, through Zomato

Breakfast is available here, and what is the timing for breakfast??

Yes it is, 9am is the start

What is the best item to order here?


Is there a family section thanks


How much is kabab per plate per person & which is the best and type of kabab available ?

Well slightly expensive than outside 47.5 dhs for plate but sitting is not that comfortable

Do they have any separate cabins for families.

They have two restuarants one after another (exception to one or two) where they host single people in one and family in another

Do you use any type of nuts in your restaurant? I’m asking be cause I have a severe nut allergy

Nooo at all

Do you guys serve Iranian abgoosht


Where is the place for the wagons?

Just door beside

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